Zirconium Nitride (ZrN)

clipersGeneral Characteristics:  The most biocompatible of the ceramic hard nitrides, zirconium nitride is tougher, harder, and more corrosion resistant than titanium nitride.  It is used extensively in cutting applications where other coatings have failed.  Its light gold (champagne) appearance, high corrosion resistance, and high hardness have made it the standard coating for faucet and door hardware.

Coating Services Group, LLC. has various versions of this coating, some developed for its own IonFusion® products (scalpel blades and bone saws).  Available in both single layer and multilayer versions, ZrN is an excellent choice for medical applications.

bladesApplied by an environmentally friendly PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process, ZrN coatings do not affect substrate surface finish.

Color:  Champagne gold base, can be varied from silver to dark gold

Thickness Range:  1 to 5 microns (~0.00004 to 0.0002”)

Hardness:  2700 to 2900 Hv (Vickers hardness)

Maximum Operating Temperature:  600º C (1100º F)

Lubricity:  0.5 coefficient of friction

Deposition Temperature: 
350 to 500º C

Thermal Conductivity:  Medium

Wear Resistance:  Excellent

Biocompatibility:  Excellent

Structure:  Single or multilayer