Coating Services Group specializes in developing coated products, rather than applying coating to products.  Our coatings are utilized on products as diverse as dental brackets to aerospace weapons systems.

Medical We have surface-engineered multiple medical devices for our own IonFusion division.  Our scalpel blades provide the best edge retention available, and allow us to make the blades sharper.  Edge retention is also important for our IonFusion bone saws.  The edges stay sharp, so the cutting temperature is reduced, lowering the potential for thermal necrosis of the bone.  A variety of other medical devices benefit from our coatings, including tools used in spinal and other surgeries.  Our facility is registered with the Food and Drug Administration.

Orthodontic/Dental Over the years we’ve coated millions of orthodontic brackets and dental implants.  Our coatings improve the aesthetics of the devices, as well as providing better sliding mechanics, wear performance and bio compatibility.

Consumer Products Our coatings show up in a lot of unexpected places, including a variety of consumer products.  These include earrings, fishing gear, golf equipment, and cutting implements.  The advantage of CSG’s technology is apparent in these applications, where color consistency and scratch or wear resistance are the important attributes.

Firearms We’ve developed processes for surface finishing and coating firearms and related components, including rifles, handguns, scopes and flash hiders.  A special coating has been developed for rifles that holds oil extremely well, improving performance of sliding components (rifle actions) and making it easier to maintain the weapon.   Our latest development in the gun field is the “Titanium Tiger”.  Developed for the Magnum Research’s Desert Eagle, it gives the surface a scratch-free tiger stripe appearance.

Precision Components CSG’s coatings are thin enough to improve the performance of precision components while keeping all dimensions within tolerances.  Our coatings are regularly deposited on small gears, pinions, connectors, and other components where maintenance of tight tolerances over long lifetimes is vital.  Coating thicknesses typically range from 0.5 to 5.0 microns.

PATENTS The coating system technology that we use for the various specialties listed above are protected by many patents.  A few of our patents are listed below.  Our creative team continues to develop technologies available for licensing opportunities to our customers. –  Method of Making Knife with Cutting Performance, U.S. Patent No. 5,724,868 –  Surface Treatment for Improved Hardness and Corrosion Resistance, U.S. Patent No. 6,497,772 B1 –  Bone Saw Blade and a Method for Manufacturing a Bone Saw Blade, U.S. Patent No. 6,656,186 –  Scalpel Blade Having High Sharpness and Toughness, U.S. Patent No. 6,330,750 B1