Elmer’s Z-Series Blade, October 10 , 2011

Lakeside, CA –October 10, 2011– Coating Services Group, LLC (CSG) is proud to announce that they have signed an exclusive contract with Elmer’s Products, Inc. to provide them with CSG’s patented process of sharpening and coating on the X-ACTO Number 11 craft blade.

The new product will be called the Z-Series Blade and will be atomically sharpened and then coated with Zirconium Nitride. The result will be a knife that’s more durable, more precise, stronger, and sharper than any other blade on the market.

“This is a marriage of the two great technologies”, said Jeff Grant, President of Coating Services Group, “We take the classic #11 Craft blade which is ideal for precision cutting and trimming, and add our atomic sharpening and our Ion Fusion zirconium coating, and we create the greatest craft knife that has ever been available. The new “Z-Series Blade” will be used for many hobby activities, including woodworking, and can be used on various other projects including plastic, cloth, film, carpet, canvas and acetate. “

“ We are truly honored to have established a working relationship with such a well known and admired American company such as Elmers/X-ACTO.    X-ACTO has been a category leader in crafting knives of the highest quality for over 80 years” added Jeff Grant, Coating Services Group, President.

About Coating Services Group, LLC: Coating Services Group, LLC (CSG) is a privately held company, which operates, in a modern facility located in Lakeside, CA. The company has dedicated substantial resources to developing and refining coating technology for a number of commercial, industrial and medical applications.

About Elmer’s Products Inc.
Elmer’s Products, Inc. headquartered in Columbus, Ohio has been a trusted brand and industry leader for over 60 years. Elmer’s produces a variety of well-known adhesives, arts and crafts, educational and office products for use at home, school or business. Elmer’s branded products are developed to provide project solutions and to inspire people to create, build and learn for life. Elmer’s also markets the number one instant adhesive in the U.S, Instant Krazy Glue, X-ACTO, a leader in innovative cutting blades, knives and office supply products.

About the Transaction:
Additional details of the deal were not disclosed. To learn more about Coating Services Group please visit http://www.coatingservicesgroup.com, and or http://www.ionfusion.com. Additional information about this press release is available by contacting its President, Jeff Grant at 619-596-7444 or by mail. mailto:J.Grant@coatinservicesgroup.com.