WE MAKE PRODUCT Unlike most of our competition, we apply our technology in concert with the design of the product.  We understand the need for consistent quality.  We understand the need to meet production demands.  We understand what is entailed in setting and meeting material specifications.  It may be that a small design change can dramatically decrease the coating cost or eliminate a step in the manufacturing process that positively affects your bottom line.

WE'RE FLEXIBLE The standard coatings that are offered by CSG and most coating companies are hard – and very stiff.  They were designed for metal cutting applications, to be deposited on stiff substrates – tool steel and cobalt-cemented tungsten carbide.  We coat metals that aren’t as stiff – carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, titanium alloys – metals that flex.  If you put a thin layer of a very stiff material on a not-so-stiff material and bend it, the very stiff material will tend to crack and flake off.  Our coatings are designed to handle the differences in the material stiffness to avoid cracking and flaking.  

WE'RE REALLY SHARP Most traditional PVD processes will dull sharp edges.  This is not a problem for metal cutting tools – the edges will break off if they’re too sharp.  But many cutting instruments have to be very, very sharp.  Our experience in designing scalpel blade technology uniquely positions us to coat your sharp edge products.

WE'RE BEAUTIFUL No one really cares what a metal cutting tool looks like, but try to sell a Magnum Research Desert Eagle pistol with an ugly coating on it.  So, our coatings not only provide extreme hardness and wear resistance – but look beautiful, as well.

WE ARE MORE A THAN COATING COMPANY We make product for the medical device industry.  We are the only service coating provider that also makes its own medical devices.  We must meet FDA regulations for medical device manufacturing and we apply that same level of quality to our service coating business.  Our research team works with our customers to create the best, most consistent product possible at the greatest value and lowest cost.  Each product development program follows CSG procedures which are patterned after ISO standards.

WE PROVE TECHNOLOGY At CSG, we validate our technology and products through application-specific testing. We protect our innovations by obtaining patents for our proprietary processes and products.