About Us

Coating Services Group is a privately held company with unique expertise in the area of physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating. We are located in Lakeside, California near San Diego.   Since its inception, CSG has dedicated substantial resources to developing and refining coating technology for a number of commercial, industrial and medical applications. The company has several patents for its processes and products, and is continually developing new technology. Key innovations include functional coatings that add to the sharpness, durability and corrosion resistance of a variety of articles. Most recently, CSG has developed and marketed proprietary medical device products such as scalpel blades and bone saws through its IonFusion® Surgical division. Please follow this link www.ionfusion.com to learn more about our medical device products and patents.

Hans Sleeuwenhoek: Chief Executive Officer

After completing his studies in Business Administration, Hans worked until 1994 for Wegener Direct Marketing Group. In 1994 he became Chief Executive Officer of Tactyl Technologies, a manufacturing company of healthcare products in Vista, California. After selling this company in 1997 he became Managing Director and Vice President of Safeskin Corporation, a Nasdaq company, producing healthcare products. At Safeskin he was responsible for all international markets. After selling Safeskin Corporation to Kimberly Clark Hans returned to the Netherlands and became CEO and owner of the Bell Sell Group. In December 2006 he successfully sold his group of companies.

Jeff Grant: President

Jeff has over 20 years of high technology manufacturing experience. He has a broad-based knowledge in all phases of the product development cycle with specific emphasis on research and development, engineering, quality assurance, high volume manufacturing, regulatory affairs, and business development. During his career he has held key roles in successful start-ups, turn-a-rounds and high growth companies including a multiple year position in Asia as the Director of the Surgical Business Unit for a multibillion dollar US firm. Jeff’s career has included positions with Kimberly-Clark Corporation, SafeSkin Corporation (purchased by Kimberly-Clark), Phoenix Research (purchased by Union Carbide), Dural USA (purchased by Alcan, Inc.), amongst others.